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Our Exclusive Interview with Alexander Skarsgård. 

August 6, 2009



Hockey and Football
What's your favorite hockey team? You've mentioned both Luleå and Bajen, so
it would be great if you could clear that up. Did you ever play the sport?
If so, what position?

Hammarby (Bajen) will always be #1 for me, in both football and hockey. I shot a couple of movies up in Luleå years ago and got to know some of the players. Of all the teams in the Swedish Hockey League (Hammarby aren't good enough to play there...) Luleå is my favorite.

Writing and Directing
Your article on meeting Jonas Stark and other writings are real favorites.
We love the self-deprecation, humor, and sincerity. You have a real gift of
expression. Is there any chance of you writing more?

Thanks. I still write and I often use my word program as a cheap psychiatrist.

Did your own fan experience with Jonas Stark contribute to how you relate to
your fans? We're very thankful for the generosity and courtesy you've shown
fans in encounters and interviews.

I'm thrilled that people have responded so to the show and my character. The least I can do is stop and sign an autograph or take a picture if someone wants it.

If you could only listen to three singers or bands for the rest of your
life, which would you choose?

Van Morrison, The Clash, Ebba Grön

If you had lived as long as Eric, during what era of history would it have
been the most fun to live?

18th century. Eric probably lived in France then...

True Blood
Which episode in season 2 of True Blood was your favorite to film?


Potential Future Roles
With which actors would you most like to work?

Daniel Day Lewis.

It is a hope amongst your fans that you and James Ransone will work together
again, since your chemistry in Generation Kill was so outstanding, and your
joint commentaries on the DVD were hilariously entertaining. Would you like
the opportunity to work with him again? (We had jokingly conceptualized a
"road trip" film similar to "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and Charley
Boorman, only instead of motorcycles, you two trekked across America in a
turquoise 1972 Chevy El Camino.)

Or why not a buddy movie like Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid? I love PJ (James nickname) and sure hope we'll find another project sometime soon.


Many thanks to Mr. Skarsgård and his manager!

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