It’s that time of year again!  We’re raising money for MSF/Doctors Without Borders in Alex’s honor. MSF was chosen by our forum members last year and we’ve chosen to continue our support, as we deemed it particularly important given the recent natural disasters and the continuing health concerns places such as Haiti face.  We know our donations will go where they are needed most.

We’ll be accepting donations from Nov 1- Dec 17th.  The widget above is connected to the Library’s Paypal account. Paypal does collect a small fee from all donations made through the widget (3%). You can avoid the fee by donating directly to the Library’s Paypal account:

1. Log in to paypal.com
2. Select Send money and then click the Personal Tab
3. Click gift radial button
4. In the recipient box type: thelibrarians@alexanderskarsgardlibrary.com

All donations must be made in US Dollars (Paypal charges a small fee for currency conversion). Because MSF does not accept Paypal as a method of donation, the money collected through the Library’s Paypal account will be transferred to a debit card connected to the Library’s account and an online donation from the group will be made. An e-card will be sent to Alex’s manager notifying him of the donation made in Alex’s honor. We will post the online donation form and e-card in this thread on the forum once the donation has been made.

If you prefer to donate directly to MSF/Doctors Without Borders USA, you can donate through this link:

Not from the US? Here’s a link for their locations worldwide:


If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or e-mail us.


New screencaps from 13 in our gallery. Many, many thanks to liapireas!

Film discussion thread on the forum.


It seems 13 may finally be released!  Myfilm.gr gives a release date in Greece as September 23rd, only 4 days away.  Here’s a trailer in English with Greek subtitles:

and the Greek poster:

Poster for 13

Thanks to liapireas on the forum for the info!  We hope you get to see it.

Discussion on our forum.


Generation Kill alum Jon Huertas teases us that we might get to see Alex guest star on ABC’s Castle this season.

Jon Huertas also hopes to find a part for real-life pal, True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard. “We were going to offer him a role in this next episode that we’re filming, but he’s in Hawaii working on Battleship and the role just wasn’t the perfect fit,” Huertas says. “But he wants to work on the show.”

From TVGuide.com.


Alexander and Gustaf Skarsgård were among the cast and crew at a press conference in Stockholm yesterday for Johan Kling’s Puss.

New photos by Karin Törnblom and Fredrik Zillén in our gallery.

“How much it means I do not know. But it’s definitely not bad for the movie. It is an incredible suction around him.” Frederick Heininger saying that Alexander has become big in Hollywood since he was contracted for Kiss.