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Year: 2009
Character: Terje, a Norwegian Arctic explorer
Director: David L. Williams
Co-stars: Stephen Mangan, Rhys Thomas, Helen Baxendale, Zoe Telford

Synopsis: Brian and Mark are setting out on the first Carbon Neutral, Vegetarian, and Organic expedition ever to attempt the North Pole.  As a world first they have high hopes of getting into the Guinness Book of Records and, if all goes well, of saving the planet from Global Warming.

Unfortunately they have never done anything like this before. And they hadn’t reckoned on the polar bears, the cocky gay Norwegians, or on Mark’s rapidly loosening grip on reality.

No one said saving the planet was easy, but does it have to be this hard?

BEYOND THE POLE is Touching the Void with laughs, and Withnail and I on ice.  Funny and subversive it’s the story of two men trying to find their place in the world before the end of the world.  And it asks one question of us all: how far would you go to save the planet?

Awards: Special Jury Award and World Cinema nomination at the 2009 Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival, Spirit Award nomination at the Warsaw International Film Festival, Grand Jury Award and honorable mention for Best Film and Honourable Mention for World Cinema at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival, winner of Best Film at the San Diego Independent Film Festival, winner for World Cinema Best Film at the Phoenix International Film Festival, winner for Best Comedy at the London International Film Festival, and winner of the Audience Award for Best Feature at the LA United Film Festival

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