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Year: 2006
Character: Fabian von Klerking
Director: Peter Lindmark
Co-Stars: Mads Mikkelsen and Samuel Fröler

Synopsis :

Forty year old Thomas Skepphult, started with two empty hands and built a fortune. He has everything a man could desire; wealth and a beautiful wife and family, and a solid reputation in the financial world. He’s a major player who has climbed the ladder of venture capitalism together with his partner and mentor, Wilhelm Rahmberg 65. Together they own and operate the established and successful venture capital firm, Nova Investment.

Thomas has a sharp analytical mind. And for him all things in life come down to risk calculation, whether he’s playing monopoly with the family or closing a multi million dollar deal. For Thomas everything is about minimizing the potential risk, without losing the potential reward and to always have an exit strategy. But once he has decided on a course of action, he acts with amazing speed and without any emotional restraints.

Thomas and Wilhelm are about to close the largest deal of their lifetime. They are selling one of their largest companies, The Cataegis corporation. This is to be crowning deal of Wilhelm before he retires. It is when the sale of Cataegis corp. unexpectedly runs into difficulties that the problems start. The day that the contract is to be signed Thomas and Wilhelm are chocked when the Russian buyers lower their offer. The reason for that seems to be an old and seemingly minor incident that occurred when Nova Investment acquired Cataegis corp. 12 years earlier.

Early the next morning Wilhelm Rahmberg is found brutally murdered in his luxurious apartment. In a secret compartment in his safe, the police discover an agreement between Thomas and Wilhelm. An agreement that stipulates that should one partner die, the other partner can buy the others share for a nominal price. The agreement now makes Thomas the sole owner of Nova Investment. He immediately becomes the Police’s main suspect. He is arrested and the police soon discover that his fingerprints are on the murder weapon.

When Thomas calls his attorney from his cell, he is connected to another person. A man, whom everybody believed dead, Morgan Nordenstråhle, answers the call. Morgan is a former partner and co-owner of Nova investment. He was bought out of the firm against his will by Thomas and Willhelm several years ago. Morgan tells Thomas that he has returned to settle the score. Wilhelm has paid the price and now it’s Thomas’ turn. Morgan threatens his family and Thomas panics.

Thomas tells the Police about the phone call. They don’t believe him. To them Morgan’s dead was obvious and the case is closed. Thomas realizes that they will never believe him.

Thomas fares for his family and when he gets an opportunity to escape he does not hesitate. He has to protect his family and at the same time prove that Morgan is alive. He is now chased both by the police and a crazed killer. Suddenly everything that ever meant anything to him, his career, his family, his fortune, his life and his reputation, is at stake.