April 25, 2010
Carla Hay

Excerpt of Alex’s answers:

What attracted you to “Metropia”? What did you think of the “Metropia” script when you got it?

Skarsgård: It was just the two of us [Tarik Saleh and I], basically. It wasn’t animated yet, so I had nothing to watch. It was pretty good, in a way, because it gave us a lot of creative freedom to do whatever you wanted. It’s not about lip synch or hitting certain beats. You could just play around with it and be very creative. If we wanted to change something or just add something, we could do that …

It was quite surreal. I saw the movie in Austin in October [2009], something like that, over a year after we recorded it. It’s really weird, because you sit down and you watch it and suddenly, there’s a face and interaction with other characters. I record my stuff, I went away to Africa, where I was working on something else at the time, and you come back, and [the movie] comes to life. It’s pretty amazing. I’m still blown away by it. Read the rest of this entry »


Monday, 26th April 2010

Lindsay Soll


When he’s not busy playing the scheming-yet-smoldering vampire Eric Northman on “True Blood,” Swedish heartthrob Alexander Skarsgard is sinking his teeth into other projects that are not quite as mystical as his HBO series, but are just as perplexing. Take for example, “Metropia” — the statuesque actor (believe me — he is tall!) lent his voice to this grim animated tale, and when we caught up with him this past weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, we were eager to find out what drew him to the part. Read the rest of this entry »


Lars von Trier Taps Dunst for ‘Melancholia’

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mike Fleming


The end of the Spider-Man franchise has created new opportunities for Kirsten Dunst. She’s just been set by Lars von Trier to play the lead role in Melancholia that Penelope Cruz was negotiating before she jumped to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Melancholia is a sci-fi disaster film that will shoot July through September in Southern Sweden, with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlotte Rampling, Alexander Skarsgaard [sic], Stellan Skarsgaard [sic] and Udo Kier also attached to roles. Dunst is currently starring with Jim Sturgess in Upside Down. Bastard, the short film she directed and co-wrote, will premiere at the Tribeca Film Fest and was just accepted into Cannes.


Monday, February 15 2010, 12:48 GMT

By Dan French, US TV Editor

Source: digitalSpy

Warning: This entry contains spoilers about season three of True Blood which some fans may prefer to avoid!

Truth be told, season two of True Blood was somewhat lacking in the Eric Northman department. Heartbreaking scenes with Godric (R.I.P.) aside, TB2 was ruled by Maryann Forrester and her creepy dalliances with Demetri. Thankfully, the show’s third run promises to feature more of Bon Temps’ sexiest vampire as he battles Bill (for Sookie’s heart), the Queen of Louisiana (over the V sales), and werewolves (more here). Itching for more info, Tube Talk caught up with Alexander Skarsgård for a quick bite. Read the rest of this entry »


My role situation wasn`t interesting

August 17, 2009

Martin Gustafsson


Translation by NDS

Alexander Skarsgård about Swedish movies, Hollywood and his daddy Stellan
He has had great success in the American television series ”Generation kill” and ”True blood”.
Nöjesbladet was the only newspaper who was with him when Alexander Skarsgård made a supershort visit on Gotland to film the movie ”Puss”.
In a plane over the Baltic Ocean he tells us about what he thinks of Swedish movies, life in Hollywood and how he handles being a celebrity. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård Kills in Sweatpants

August 11, 2009

Miguel Enamorado


Out of the Swedish mist came Alexander Skarsgård, the evil, increasingly nuanced vampire leader Eric Northman of True Blood. He sucks blood; he stars in Lady Gaga’s video for “Paparazzi” as an abusive, ill-fated boyfriend; he gets recognized by fans on the street over the course of our interview. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård is out for TRUE BLOOD

June 21, 2009

Christina Radish


As Eric Northman, the 1,000-year-old Viking vampire who is also the owner of the local vampire bar, Fangtasia, on the acclaimed HBO television series True Blood, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård has quickly become a fan favorite.

Even though he called himself a glorified extra in Season 1, the actor/director is much more involved in Season 2, partaking in the action going on in Dallas with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her vampire boyfriend, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).

In this exclusive interview, Alexander Skarsgård talked about how fans will be getting to see much more of him this season. Read the rest of this entry »


Canales Daily: Keeping The Faith In The Feeders

Hammarby fans and others, unite and celebrate the kinship of sporting loyalty that goes deeper than wins or losses – yes, even many losses.

Jul 31, 2009

Andrea Canales


It might not have been the best idea, given that he was attending a promotional event for FC Barcelona, but Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård didn’t show up wearing the famed purply-blue and red uniform of the Catalan champions.

Skarsgård was wearing green and white, instead – a Hammarby jersey. As he explained this, there was a chorus of boos from the spectators in the Nike Ricardo Montalban theater in Los Angeles. The audience was all about Barcelona, and they had little tolerance for any divided loyalty.

Skarsgård tried to explain. He mentioned that as a Swede, he was excited to be there to support Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish player recently signed by FC Barcelona.

“Soccer in Sweden is like a religion,” Skarsgård said, “Growing up in Sweden, in the south of Stockholm, we supported Hammarby.” Read the rest of this entry »


Why America is Baring its Throat for Alexander Skarsgård

Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Drained by Him?

July 30, 2009

Lisa Brower

Mike Alvear’s Urge & Merge

Alexander Skarsgård, otherwise known as “Eric Northman” on HBO’s hit series “True Blood,” embodies the dark eroticism and just raw sexuality that the disturbing theme song promises in the open credits. He is everywhere right now, Google his name or any variation and you’ll get millions of hits.

What makes the blond, blue-eyed Swede so magnetic as an improbable character-a thousand year old viking- in yet another cheesy vampire themed show? I have no idea really, but I’m buying into it and so is everyone else I know. Vampires are everywhere right now, from the “Twilight” series of books and movies, to the popularity of authors such as Charlaine Harris (creator of the “True Blood” characters in her “Sookie Stackhouse” series), J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood), Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laurel Hamilton, and of course the God Mother of strange sexuality; Anne Rice.

This isn’t new though. Our thirst for the forbidden erotic started with a female demon from the Talmud named Lillith. Purported to be the first wife of Adam, she was portrayed in later scripture as a highly sexualized vampire like creature, a succubus, that came upon men in the night and drained them of their essence. Against their will, of course. Read the rest of this entry »


Hollywood’s got Skarsgård around his neck

July 22, 2009

Helsingborg Dagblad

Translation and scan of the article by Linnnea

Alexander Skarsgårds Hollywood career has definitely improved. The 17th of August filming of the new movie “Straw dogs” will begin, in which Skarsgård stars. It’s a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial classic “Straw Dogs”, but the remake will be different to the original. “The original movie was too good to do a remake identical to the original movie”, says Skarsgård. In Peckinpah’s movie from 1971, Dustin Hoffman starred as a timid teacher that moved together with his wife played by Susan George to her hometown in the British countryside. It escalated the controversy with the local population, especially due to the wife’s former lover(s?), which leads the teacher to protect their home, ending in blood. The remake will be directed by Rod Lurie, will be played out in Mississippi and the young couple will be played by James Marsden and Kate Bosworth.

Alexander Skarsgård will play the former boyfriend, but his role has been re-written. It’ll be more like a triangle drama and the movie will also uncover the former relation between him and the woman. “(don’t understand the first part of the meaning) and the husband protecting his home will be pretty different”, he says. This week he and his co-workers on TB will attend Comic Con in San Diego, and after that, he will spend two weeks with a voice coach to practice a suitable accent for his role (in Straw Dogs). “I’m supposed to come from Mississippi, so I’ll have a lighter version of Texas accent.” In Sweden, the first season of TB, where AS plays a viking vampire named Eric, in late August on SVT (Swedish public service channel), about the same time as Canal+ (Swedish cable channel) starts airing second season.

Q: Will there be a third season of TB?
A: There’s no official announcement yet, but there’ll probably at least one more.