This is an entry Alexander wrote for his old official website.

April 10, 2002
By Alexander Skarsgård
Translated by Nordanswede
Alexander-Skarsgard.com (via the Wayback Machine)

Hello all you Capitalists and Bolsheviks. I hope spring has treated you well. I spend all of May in a dark rehearsal room so it feels wonderful to have a little free time now.

I just came back from Lysekil where I recorded a short movie called “To kill a child” based on a short story by Stig Dagerman.

I’ll try to get some sun now and then crawl back into the darkness to edit the film. I think we got some really strong images so in spite of having to sit inside for a few weeks, I actually look forward to it.

If I have time later, I’ve planned to go by car through Sweden with some pals, any tips on interesting places?


Cool that there is so much activity in the guestbook.

Here are a few answers:

Caroline & Emilie: What was the funniest filming?

Hard to answer, but “Hundtricket” that I did this autumn was amazingly fun to record.

Maja: Any new movies?

Ja, “Hundtricket” premieres in cinemas this autumn. Apart from that I work on a theater play called ”Who`s afraid of Virginia Woolf” now. We`ll act on Södra theater all autumn with premiere September 20.

Cicci: Where do you go out in Stockholm?

Now in the summer I hang out some on the outdoor restaurants on Söder.

Linda: When is your birthday?

August 25

Josefine: Do you have a brother?

I have four younger brothers.

Barbie: Have you been [I`m not really sure how to translate dizzad fett. It`s slang and it means something like abandoned, but it`s very specific and I just don`t have the words in English]:

Yes, I’ve been dizzad fett a number of times.

Sofia & Janni: What was it like before you were famous?

The sun went up in the morning and down in the evening and between those two I slipped around and turned gravel, just like now.


A lot of your questions are answered in earlier newsletters or under other columns. Among others there are resumes from earlier movies with years etc. on the business site. So please check out that one!

I hope you`ll have a magical summer and please enjoy strawberries, vanilla ice cream, nude bathing and raspberry juice because tomorrow the autumn will be here.

Swim easy!/Alex.

Stockholm 2002 06 12

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