This is an entry Alexander wrote for his old official website.

December 3, 2001
By Alexander Skarsgård
Translated by Nordanswede
Alexander-Skarsgard.com (via the Wayback Machine)

I have just returned home to Stockholm after almost two months in Luleå. It was really cool to meet family and friends, but at the same time I`ll miss Luleå, we had a blast up there. Every day we had some free time we did fun stuff. We drove snow scooter, shot skeets, went cowboyriding and I even got to try and fly a combat plane, what a dream!

Free days in Stockholm I just sat and hung out at the cafès on Söder or took a stroll in Vitabergsparken.

I have decided to change all that from now on. Now I am going to try and take better care of my free time so I can go to bed, one experience richer, every night.

The reason why I lived up in Luleå half the autumn was because I played in a movie called “Hundtricket”. It`s a love comedy about a guy who dreams about falling in love and his friend who has a somewhat different plan for how that`s going to take place. The filming has been really fun and I hope you`ll like it. “Hundtricket” premieres after summer.

Now I`m as mentioned back in Stockholm and have planned to, apart from all my enriching activities, bake lussebullar [a bun Swedes eat for Lucia in December] and look at the Christmas calendar. Before I answer any questions I just want to say that most of your questions have been answered in earlier letters, so please go in and read them. And then I hope that you understand that I can`t send any personal answers to all of you, but have to limit myself to answering the questions here in this newsletter. Read the rest of this entry »