“Lykkelig over nakenscener”

August 24, 2010
Aud Berggren
Translation by Nordanswede
VG Nett

Los Angeles (VG)
As opposed to Stephen Moyer who plays Bill in True Blood, Alexander Skarsgård (33) has never objected to nude scenes.
Not that one would think it was any problem for co-actors Stephen Moyer or Anna Paquin, after the new edition of Rolling Stone was released. All there are naked there, smeared in blood.
The creator of the series, Alan Ball, likes the picture a lot. He does not understand the prude vampire stories like Stephanie Meyer`s Twilight series.
- To me vampires are sex, he says to the magazine.

Nude scenes
And when VG meets the tall, blonde, Swedish Alexander who oozes of sex in the role as Eric Northman, he explains:
- Nudity has never been a problem for me and it`s totally fine as long as it fits the show. You understand that I`m obviously thrilled about doing it if you notice how often it happens in the series. It wasn`t even hard in the beginning because I`ve been naked before, Alexander Skarsgård smiles and refuses to comment on the rumors about a love scene with a werewolf in the series.
No one talked about sex when Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) grew up and he tells VG that nudity was hard in the beginning.
- I`m from a small village and it wasn`t like in Scandinavia where they have sex education in school. No one talked about it anywhere. But now we`re so used to dropping out clothes in the show that everyone is completely relaxed and not as reserved as in the first season. This is supposed to be sexy and we have to tell the story the best way we can. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård: “I prefer to be fully naked”

July 24, 2009

By Gunnar Nordström


Translation by Kitten and SwimEasy

LOS ANGELES. His Viking vampire Eric has made great success in the acclaimed TV series “True blood”.  Expect attention around Alexander Skarsgård to grow.

This season he does nude scenes also.
- “I have no problem with being naked in front of the camera,” says Alexander Skarsgård when Expressen met him in Hollywood.

HBO series “True Blood” has taken television viewers around the world by storm. The second season has just begun in the U.S. and critics continue to pour praise on Alan Ball, who also created “Six feet under”.

Alexander, or Alex as he now called in Hollywood, plays the Viking vampire Eric Northman in a role that now only grows in the series.

In the most recent episode broadcast in the United States on Sunday, the viewers saw a little of Eric’s background and Swedish spoken for several minutes when a group of Vikings had just lived through a field battle. Read the rest of this entry »