“Stoppa massakern i Gaza!”

January 9, 2009
Dror Feiler
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Dror Feiler – musician, composer, artist – is the initiator of a petition against the situation in Gaza.  More than 1000 Swedish cultural workers have signed up behind him.

We can not silently watch the massacre, which is now underway in Gaza.

It is time the Swedish intellectuals and culturals raise their voices in protest against the massacre in Gaza and against Sweden, EU and UN hand talent and passivity.

It is a great shame and scandalous double standards that the international community accepts that Israel’s massive military assault on Gaza continues, with hundreds dead and thousands injured as a result.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated regions in the world.  For two years, Gaza has been subject to a blockade and repeated Israeli military attacks that led to a shortage of electricity, medicines and clean water and almost everything needed for daily life.  The health system in Gaza has long been close to collapse with the severe shortage of medicines, blood and rudimentary equipment.

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel and other human rights organizations have repeatedly pointed out that it is a violation of international humanitarian law to focus on civilian targets and it is now clear that several of the Israeli military’s goal has been just civilian facilities, such as health care, universities and mosques.

It is of course not acceptable to Palestinian groups firing rockets against Israeli civilian targets, but it is the Israeli occupation and settlement policy, which led to the current situation.  Rocket attacks from Palestinian groups can never justify the collective punishment of the kind that Gaza’s population is now exposed.  Israel’s military response to the shelling is disproportionate, immoral and counter-productive if the aim is increased security for the Israeli people, and for peace in the Middle East.

We appeal now to the international community to intervene to stop the ongoing massacre in Gaza and to prevent an imminent total humanitarian disaster. The international community must vigorously act for a peaceful solution to the conflict, so that a Palestinian State under the UN resolution 242.

We who sign this manifesto requires:

Stop the massacre in Gaza now!

Sweden act now!

Alexander Skarsgård, actor

(full list of signers in previous article)


Sveriges kulturelit skriver på upprop

January 9, 2009
Alexandra Ramnewall
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Now the Swedish cultural elite raise their voices against the war in Gaza.  Peter Birro, Ulla Skoog, Unni Drougge, Alexander Skarsgård and Expressen’s Nina Lekander are some of those who signed the petition which the musician Dror Feiler started.

“We can not silently watch the massacre now taking place in Gaza.  It is time that Swedish intellectuals and cultural workers are raising their voices in protest against the massacre in Gaza and against Sweden, EU and UN hand-case unit and passivity. ”
So reads the beginning of the appeal, over 1,000 writers, directors, musicians and actors have signed, according dn.se
The promoter is the musician and the artist Dror Feiler.
- There is a tradition that serves as an intellectual conscience when those in power are not doing their duty,” he told Fria Tidningen.

They have written to the call:
Dror Feiler, musician, composer, artist
Georg Riedel, musician
Tiina Rosenberg, professor of gender studies
Peter Birro, playwright
Linus Tunström, theater, film director
Anders Widoff, artist
Anders Hillborg, composer
Andreas Ribbung, artist
Agneta Klingspor, writer, art critic
Jenny Tunedal, poet, literary critic
Frida Röhl, actors, theater, theater Tribunalen
Hans-Ola Ericsson, professor, musician
Maria Küchen, author
Sara Mannheimer, writer, artist
Kajsa Isakson, director, playwright, author
Cecilia Lindqvist, professor, author
Katarina Wikars, radio producer.
Richard Turpin, director, actor, playwright
Elisabet Haglund, head of the museum, The Museum of Sketches
Johan Scott, artist
Gunilla Sköld Feiler, artist
Nila Claesson, artist
Anders Paulin, director
Alexander Ahndoril, author
Thomas Jennefelt, composer
Jan Tiselius, actor
Suzanne Osten, director
Ann Petrén, actor
Annika Svenbro, visual artist
Ulla Skoog, actor
Anna-Karin Palm, writer
Anders Lerner, dramaturge, director
Pär Thörn, author
Mats Gustafsson, musician
Gunilla Bandolin, Art professor, artist
Henrik Rylander, artist, musician
Nina Lekander, journalist, writer
Kajsa Grytt, musician
Channa Banker, artist
Bo Cavefors, publisher
Ragnar Strömberg, poet
Aase Berg, author
Celia Prado, curator
George Kentros, musician
Åsa Kalmér, director
Per Wirtén, journalist, writer
Simon Norrthon, actor
Magnus Florin, author
Björn Kumm, journalist
Maria Ruta, artist
Leif Nylén, cultural journalist, musician
Louise Waldén, historian
Peter Mosskin, author
Klara Kristalova, artist
Lars Demian, singer
Eva Runefelt, poet
Regina Lund, actor
Maria Lantz, senior lecturer
Rebecka Tarschys, journalist
Mats Persson, pianist, composer
Gittan Jönsson, artist
Carin Ellberg, artist
Johan Widén, professor
Aminah Al Fakir Bergman, actress, singer
Leonard Forslund, artist
Jonas Bolin, composer
Christina Olofson, film director
Pi Eriksson, artist
Carl Unander-Scharin, composer
Ulf Ericsson, author
Åsa Linderborg, journalist and author
Mian Lodalen, journalist
Gunilla Ambjörnsson, author
Maria Sveland, journalist and author
Stefan Jarl, filmmaker
Thomas Millroth, museechefm
Pernilla Ahlsén, author, journalist
Nina Weibull, journalist
Anders Jormin, musician
Dan Jönsson, critic, cultural journalist
Mikael Pauli, artist
Ulf Rahmberg, visual artist
Carina Rydberg, author
Madeleine Grive, editor
Melika Melani, director, actress
Bo Andér, cultural administrator
Maria Miesenberger, artist
Lars Tunbjörk, photographer
Sonja Schwarzenberger, chief editor Bang
Unni Drougge, author
Johan Lönnroth, former member of parliament (v), Associate Professor of Economics
Anna Takanen, artistic director of the Gothenburg City Theatre
Eva af Geijerstam, writer
Roger Fjellström, author
Jan Jönson, filmmaker
Kjell Espmark, author
Astrid Trotzig, author
Annika Thor, author
Karin Rehnqvist, composer
Donald Boström, photographer
Ana Valdés, writer
Åsa Maria Kraft, poet
Nina Bondeson, artist
Virpi Pahkinen, dancer, choreographer
Anna Nordenskiöld, artist
Stefan Böhm, former theater manager
Louise Hoffsten, singer
Kjell Alinge, presenter
Per Ragnar, actor
Sören Brunes, set designer
Carl Henrik Svenstedt, filmmaker, professor
Sara Kadefors, author
Andrzej Tichý, author
Bengt Berg, author
David Henley,  pediatrician
Henry Asher, pediatrician
Marika V Lagercrantz
Jan Ling, professor
Henric Holmberg, actor
Ulrika Knutson, journalist
Thomas Tidholm, author
Håkan Lidbo, musician
Marianne Lindberg De Geer, artist
Carl Johan De Geer, artist
Johan Söderberg, musician
Claes Borgström, lawyer and spokesperson for the (s) of the Equal Opportunities
Tarik Saleh, filmmaker
Alexander Skarsgård, actor
Lars Mikael Raattamaa, author