November 13, 2009
Erik Helmerson

Translated from Swedish:

Before the third season the popularity of the vampire series “True Blood” has gone through the roof. And Alexander Skarsgård has become a Hollywood name that counts. “The team has become my surrogate family,” he tells TT Spektra. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård: ”Där jag är nu, dit har jag tagit mig på egen hand”
August 30, 2009
Erik Ohlsson


photographed by Chris Maluzynski

As a Viking vampire in the TV-series “True Blood” Alexander Skarsgård has gotten his definitive breakthrough in the USA. DN Söndag’s Erik Ohlsson has met a newly made Hollywood star who continues to pick up his own laundry. Read the rest of this entry »


March 2010
Leslie Gornstein (photos by Chad Pitman)
LA Times Magazine

Alexander Skarsgård is True Blood’s 1000-year-old vampire- but his biggest bite is yet to come

You can’t accuse Alexander Skarsgård of going Hollywood. At a recent photo shoot, the six-foot-four Swedish stunner—currently heating up the small screen on HBO’s hit series True Blood—showed up sans entourage, parking his own car in the same lot as the crew. His outrageous on-set demand? A cup of coffee, please. Oh, and he volunteered to be his own stand-in for lighting setup. Unheard of! Read the rest of this entry »


My role situation wasn`t interesting

August 17, 2009

Martin Gustafsson


Translation by NDS

Alexander Skarsgård about Swedish movies, Hollywood and his daddy Stellan
He has had great success in the American television series ”Generation kill” and ”True blood”.
Nöjesbladet was the only newspaper who was with him when Alexander Skarsgård made a supershort visit on Gotland to film the movie ”Puss”.
In a plane over the Baltic Ocean he tells us about what he thinks of Swedish movies, life in Hollywood and how he handles being a celebrity. Read the rest of this entry »


Hollywood’s got Skarsgård around his neck

July 22, 2009

Helsingborg Dagblad

Translation and scan of the article by Linnnea

Alexander Skarsgårds Hollywood career has definitely improved. The 17th of August filming of the new movie “Straw dogs” will begin, in which Skarsgård stars. It’s a remake of Sam Peckinpah’s controversial classic “Straw Dogs”, but the remake will be different to the original. “The original movie was too good to do a remake identical to the original movie”, says Skarsgård. In Peckinpah’s movie from 1971, Dustin Hoffman starred as a timid teacher that moved together with his wife played by Susan George to her hometown in the British countryside. It escalated the controversy with the local population, especially due to the wife’s former lover(s?), which leads the teacher to protect their home, ending in blood. The remake will be directed by Rod Lurie, will be played out in Mississippi and the young couple will be played by James Marsden and Kate Bosworth.

Alexander Skarsgård will play the former boyfriend, but his role has been re-written. It’ll be more like a triangle drama and the movie will also uncover the former relation between him and the woman. “(don’t understand the first part of the meaning) and the husband protecting his home will be pretty different”, he says. This week he and his co-workers on TB will attend Comic Con in San Diego, and after that, he will spend two weeks with a voice coach to practice a suitable accent for his role (in Straw Dogs). “I’m supposed to come from Mississippi, so I’ll have a lighter version of Texas accent.” In Sweden, the first season of TB, where AS plays a viking vampire named Eric, in late August on SVT (Swedish public service channel), about the same time as Canal+ (Swedish cable channel) starts airing second season.

Q: Will there be a third season of TB?
A: There’s no official announcement yet, but there’ll probably at least one more.


”I don`t even have time to eat”

July 26, 2009

Magnus Sunholm


Translation by Nordanswede

Alexander Skarsgård about being hot in Hollywood, single – and recently becoming a big brother
HOLLYWOOD. A growing part in a hit series and one of the leading parts in an upcoming big movie.
It`s not hard to understand that Alexander Skarsgård has made Hollywood his home.
- I`m feeling great, he says when Nöjesbladet meets him in Beverly Hills.

Skarsgård, 32, has just come back from his summer vacation in Sweden.
Now he`s in the middle of launching the second season of “True Blood” – a series that just grows in popularity and has become the channel HBO`s largest success right now.
- It`s not official that there will be a season three. But I find it hard to believe they cancel it considering how the series is doing, he says.

The hype is justified
In Sweden we sometimes manage to enlarge the grandness of our Hollywood Swedes. But in this case the hype is justified. Since Skarsgård`s character Eric Northman showed up in the series the reviewers are giving it thumbs up and the number of viewers increases.
- This is just the beginning for Alex. His role grows bit by bit this season, says one of the publicity-women.

To that Skarsgård adds one of the leads in the remake of the controversial “Straw Dogs” from 1971.
The action circles around a script writer and his wife who return to her hometown in the American South.
There they run into her ex-boyfriend, Charlie, played by Skarsgård, who becomes obsessed with getting her back – at all costs.

– Charlie is a guy who was once a high school star in American football and dated the most beautiful girl at the school.
- But an injury destroyed his career. Now he works as a carpenter and the frustration he feels is damned interesting. You get to dig down deep, says Skarsgård.

Kate plays ex
His ex-girlfriend in the movie is played by blond Kate Bostworth, 26, and filming starts in August.
Skarsgård had recharged by saying hi to relatives and friends in Sweden.
This time his going home was extra special because he met his almost newborn half brother, Ossian, for the first time.
– It felt super exiting. I went down to dad and his wife on Öland. It was deadfun. They are so happy and cute together. And it is a lovely little kid.
Do you yourself dream about starting a family?
– I`m single now. It will have to come as is comes. Right now I hardly have time to eat. I am so focused on this. But if something should pop up it would be just great.

Stockholm the base
In five years Skarsgård has traveled between Sweden and Hollywood.
- Stockholm will always be my base. It`s where I have my family and my friends. But when I came back to USA this time it was the first time it felt like home. It was actually a damned strange feeling.