by Sabine Metzger
October 15, 2010
Translated from German by Lotti

Alexander Skarsgard talks about vampires, Moomin and his Family.

Eric Northman is way the coolest vampire out of the current wave: Always calm except when the blood of his victims ruins his hairstyle.
The blond giant in the U.S. series “True Blood” (the third season airs on Nov. 4, Thursdays at 8:15 PM on SyFy) twisted the heroine Sookie Stackhouse’s head. Hard to believe that Alexander Skarsgard will be the one who plays the cool villain: The 34-year-old Swede is more like a two-meter puppy than a nasty bloodsucker. Although his voice sounds very rough after half a day full of interviews he is still willing to tell is about his role, his family and about shooting with guts (literally).

msn: You not only play the role of the ancient Viking-Vampire Eric, but you have given your voice for the movie “Moomins and the Comet chase”.
Alexander Skarsgard: (smiles) That’s right. And I am both, Eric and the Moomin.
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This is an entry Alexander wrote for his old official website.

April 10, 2002
By Alexander Skarsgård
Translated by Nordanswede
Alexander-Skarsgard.com (via the Wayback Machine)

Hello all you Capitalists and Bolsheviks. I hope spring has treated you well. I spend all of May in a dark rehearsal room so it feels wonderful to have a little free time now.

I just came back from Lysekil where I recorded a short movie called “To kill a child” based on a short story by Stig Dagerman.

I’ll try to get some sun now and then crawl back into the darkness to edit the film. I think we got some really strong images so in spite of having to sit inside for a few weeks, I actually look forward to it.

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This is an entry Alexander wrote for his old official website.

April 10, 2002
By Alexander Skarsgård
Translated by Nordanswede
Alexander-Skarsgard.com (via the Wayback Machine)

Have come to know that I was born in the wrong part of the country. Have recently spend a rather magical weekend in Norrbotten. The sun was shining and the ice was still thick on the lakes. We drove snow scooter from dawn to dusk and in the evenings we sat in a heated wooden tub and drank cold beer under sparkling stars and the most fantastic aurora you could imagine.
That was something else from a weekend in Stockholm where people sit and sip watery lattes from dawn to dusk and then tiredly drag themselves over to the nearest bar.
So if there are anyone up there who would trade in a lumber cabin with open fireplace and wooden tub against a two rooms on Söder with the smell of watery café lattes, so please let me know!
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Alexander Skarsgard Gets Animated
May 12, 2010
Aaron Hillis

05122010_AlexanderSkarsgardMetropia.jpg “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgård has gained American heartthrob status as the show’s thousand-year-old Viking vampire Alex, but even if the role is clearly make-believe, the Nordic charm is all his. Son of famed actor Stellan Skarsgård, the Stockholm-born thespian has a long and storied career in his homeland, from becoming a child actor to being named the sexiest man in Sweden circa 1999. Not to be confused with his upcoming part in Lars von Trier’s highly anticipated sci-fi flick “Melancholia,” Skarsgård the younger’s latest project is director Tarik Saleh’s highly stylized, animated sci-fi flick “Metropia.”

Set in a dystopian world of the not-far-off future where the world’s resources are running out and the metro system connects all of Europe, “Metropia” concerns a newly paranoid Swedish everyman Roger (voiced by Vincent Gallo) as he begins to hear a voice in his head that isn’t his own. In fact, it’s Stefan’s (enter Skarsgård), a company man who begins to have second thoughts about his government gig monitoring citizens and their inner thoughts. While on the set of “True Blood,” now shooting its third season, Skarsgård called me to talk Glögg parties, filthy cartoons, and his real-life stint as an anti-terrorist marine. Read the rest of this entry »


My role situation wasn`t interesting

August 17, 2009

Martin Gustafsson


Translation by NDS

Alexander Skarsgård about Swedish movies, Hollywood and his daddy Stellan
He has had great success in the American television series ”Generation kill” and ”True blood”.
Nöjesbladet was the only newspaper who was with him when Alexander Skarsgård made a supershort visit on Gotland to film the movie ”Puss”.
In a plane over the Baltic Ocean he tells us about what he thinks of Swedish movies, life in Hollywood and how he handles being a celebrity. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård Kills in Sweatpants

August 11, 2009

Miguel Enamorado


Out of the Swedish mist came Alexander Skarsgård, the evil, increasingly nuanced vampire leader Eric Northman of True Blood. He sucks blood; he stars in Lady Gaga’s video for “Paparazzi” as an abusive, ill-fated boyfriend; he gets recognized by fans on the street over the course of our interview. Read the rest of this entry »


Alexander Skarsgård: “I prefer to be fully naked”

July 24, 2009

By Gunnar Nordström


Translation by Kitten and SwimEasy

LOS ANGELES. His Viking vampire Eric has made great success in the acclaimed TV series “True blood”.  Expect attention around Alexander Skarsgård to grow.

This season he does nude scenes also.
- “I have no problem with being naked in front of the camera,” says Alexander Skarsgård when Expressen met him in Hollywood.

HBO series “True Blood” has taken television viewers around the world by storm. The second season has just begun in the U.S. and critics continue to pour praise on Alan Ball, who also created “Six feet under”.

Alexander, or Alex as he now called in Hollywood, plays the Viking vampire Eric Northman in a role that now only grows in the series.

In the most recent episode broadcast in the United States on Sunday, the viewers saw a little of Eric’s background and Swedish spoken for several minutes when a group of Vikings had just lived through a field battle. Read the rest of this entry »


Screenshot from Uinterview video.

‘True Blood’s’ Hunky Alex Skarsgard

December 1, 2008

Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith

TV Insider

Alexander Skarsgard knew he might be on to something special when he joined the team on Alan Ball’s HBO vampire series, “True Blood.” But, he didn’t know just how successful the show had become until recently.

“I was in Europe for a month-and-a-half and it hadn’t started airing when I left. When I came back, the buzz was amazing. People were coming up to me on the street. It’s been kind of overwhelming,” admits the handsome, 6-foot-5, 32-year-old actor from Stockholm, Sweden. Read the rest of this entry »