This is an entry Alexander wrote for his old official website.

April 10, 2002
By Alexander Skarsgård
Translated by Nordanswede
Alexander-Skarsgard.com (via the Wayback Machine)

Hello all you Capitalists and Bolsheviks. I hope spring has treated you well. I spend all of May in a dark rehearsal room so it feels wonderful to have a little free time now.

I just came back from Lysekil where I recorded a short movie called “To kill a child” based on a short story by Stig Dagerman.

I’ll try to get some sun now and then crawl back into the darkness to edit the film. I think we got some really strong images so in spite of having to sit inside for a few weeks, I actually look forward to it.

If I have time later, I’ve planned to go by car through Sweden with some pals, any tips on interesting places? Read the rest of this entry »