Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

(Vem är rädd för Virginia Woolf)
Author: Edward Albee (translated by Gabriella Berggren and Magnus Nordén)
Year: 2002-3 (116 performances, premiered Sept. 20, 2002)

Stage: Södra Teatern, Stockholm
Character: Nick

Co-stars: Krister Henriksson, Suzanne Reuter and Cecilia Frode
Director: Ulla Gottlieb
Awards: 2002 Guldmasken to Suzanne Reuter for Best Lead in a Play


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Blood Wedding

Author: Frederico García Lorca (translated by Kari Alin and Hjalmar Gullberg)
Year: 2003 (premiered Sept. 5, ran until Dec. 10)

Stage: Göteborgs Stadsteater

Character: Leonardo

Co-stars: Hanna Bogren, Eivin Dahlgren, Marie Delleskog, Åsa-Lena Hjelm, Peter Melin, and Guje Palm
Director: Emilio Hernández

With Hanna Bogren

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